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Bike cleaning using gentle brushes and ultrasonic technology


The cyb® bikewash cleaning plant is the major attraction at your business event, an exhibition or sports event.



Broaden the services of your company with a purchase of a cyb® bikewash
cleaning plant.



Treat your trusty bicycle with a professional cleaning. Click here to find a cyb® bikewash cleaning plant in your area.


cyb® bikewash in action

Bike Season Opening 2017 in Potsdam
Press release

Last Saturday more that 300 residents of Potsdam joined the traditional bike season opening. On this occasion two different routes from the Old Market to the Karl-Liebknecht Stadium gave cyclists the chance to join the fun according to their fitness level: A 5 km long route for families and a 15 km long route for more experienced riders. The city’s Lord Mayor Jann Jakobs was leading the groups together with the aldermen Burkhard Exner and Mike Schubert. The event was a joint action initiated by the state capital, the ADFC, the SV Babelsberg 03 and Radio Teddy.

A bouncy castle, a bicycle cleaning plant, a bike check and many other activities and services were waiting for the participants at the stadium.


Rent a cyb® bikewash
The highlight of your event

For years the cyb® bikewash cleaning plant is highlighting events such as city festivals, bike festivals and promotions. It’s also perfect to boost your tourism.

Do you like the idea of creating a very special highlight for your customers? To shine at the annual open house day, a city festival or a major bike event in your area?

If your answer is “yes”, then the cyb® bikewash cleaning plant is your marketing instrument of choice! It is possible to rent the cyb® bikewash for a single or multiple days and you will be delighted by the enormous amount of positive response. By the way: The labels on the cleaning plant can be customized just for your very own event.


Buy a cyb® bikewash
Broaden your services

Do you run a bike shop and want to put a smile on your customers’ faces? The mucky times are over – no more service without a proper wash beforehand.

A clean bike allows you to spot defects faster and customers will appreciate a clean bike with a tip. They will be back – and not just to get their bikes cleaned.

In the summer bikes are cleaned just outside of your shop or you take your cyb® bikewash along to promote your company at events.

Our customers

• Bike shops
• Bike repair shops
• Bike stations
• Event agencies
• Travel companies
• Hotels
• Self regulating communities
• Bike manufacturers
• Communities

Our plants succeed at everything bicycle-related. We are happy to make an individual offer.


Cleaning with cyb® bikewash
Professional bike cleaning in 90 seconds using only 100 ml of water

A bike suffers from dirt when ridden through rain, mud or off-road in general. This is particular the case if the dirt sticks to delicate components such as the derailleur, the cassette or the cables. To make things even worse: In combination with fat and oil, dirt can have an effect similar to sand paper. Bearings, links and cables become sluggish and stiff, the dirt starts to eat into the bearings and shifting system.

Cleaning a bike is way more difficult than cleaning a car and leaving it dirty until the next ride should not the option of choice. The same applies to kneeling down to get the bike shiny again.

The solution? cyb® bikewash – engineered for all kinds of bicycles including e-bikes and pedelecs. Environmental friendly, efficient and convincing.

Hier ist bikewash die Lösung. Entwickelt für alle Fahrräder, auch E-Bikes und Pedelecs. Umweltfreundlich, effizient und überzeugend.



cyb® bikewash
Genuine bicycle cleaning plant with cyb®-technology

The cyb® bicycle cleaning plant uses the latest jet and filtration technologies. Only 0,1 l of water is needed to complete a wash. Ultrasonic technology, a gentle water jet and biologically degradable detergents provide a deep yet environmental friendly cleaning.

Specifically designed roller brushes clean the frame and the wheels. Saddle and handlebars are not affected and stay dry. The cassette is cleaned with a separate rotating brush. Dirty water is collected and purified for the next cleaning process.