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Automatic Bike Cleaning

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Cleaning a bike is way more difficult than cleaning a car due to the fact that rims, spokes, the shape of the frame, fenders, cassettes and chain form angels and corners that are hard to reach.

cyb® bikewash is the solution for a clean bike, engineered around all kinds of bicycles. Compact, convincing and convenient. After only 90 seconds the bike shines like new.

And this is how it works:

A gentle water jet and a mild, biologically degradable detergent are sprayed on the fully automatic brushes.

The sensor-controlled roller brushes take over the main part of the programmed cleaning process and avoid pedals or other exposed components by swinging smoothly to the side without loosing contact to the bike. They go past the frame multiple times and take care of the – from a cleaner’s perspective – highly challenging center area of the bike in particular. An additional rotating brush sprays the bottom bracket shell from below.

The wheels and tires are rotating during the whole cleaning process to ensure that the dirt comes off of the rims and tire sidewalls as well.

cyb® also offers an extra ultrasonic cleaning technology for rims and tires to again improve the result significantly. Rims, spokes and rubber parts are cleaned to the furthermost corners.

Automatic Bike Cleaning
for less impact on the environment

With cyb® bikewash, only 35 liters of water are needed to get the automatic bike cleaning going. A fully integrated purification system filters the water over and over to keep it as clean as possible. Only one cup of water is needed to wash a bike and the reservoir can be filled using a watering can or a garden hose. Connecting the plant to a water supply is not mandatory.

If very dirty mountain bikes are cleaned on a regular basis, it is also possible to install an additional cleaning device for the cassettes and an optional water treatment to free the circulation from mud.

The whole plant can be moved easily due to the compact shape and four wheels. This allows universal use in repair shops, bikeparks, trail centers and at events. Simply plug it to a power socket, fill the reservoir with water and the plant is set up and ready. That high mobility allows running the plant from a trailer at events which take place in locations off the beaten track.


  • Fully enclosed plant with a folding rear end – just open it, push the bike in (saddle and handlebars are not affected and stay dry), close the ramp and the cleaning process starts immediately.
  • Completely closed water circulation, water volume of approximately 35 l with circulation pump and sludge filter. Water consumption of about 0,1 l per wash.
  • Two rotating and automatically moving brushes made of Mylex fibres on guide rails with pressure and pedal sensors.
  • Wheel tubs with driving rollers for the rear and front wheel.
  • Integrated switch cabinet with an VDE certified weatherproof protection. Completely ready-to-run electrical installation meeting the CE specifications, robust electric motors.
  • Additional jets to apply brighteners on the bike at the end of the washing process.
  • Optional ultrasonic cleaning for the rear and the front rim.
  • Cassette cleaning using an additional, switchable rotating brush. Cassette and chain are cleaned from dried-in muck (recommend for very dirty drivetrains).


  • Duration of one wash: 90 seconds
  • Energy consumption: max. 1 KW 40 Ampere
  • Dimensions: approximately 2,60 m x 0,9 m x 1,3 m
  • Reservoir capacity: 25 l
  • Circulating amount of water: 6 l/min
  • Supplied amount of water: approximately 0,1 l per wash
  • SPS standard controlled wash with the brushes moving back and forth four times
  • Secondary Voltage: 24 V
  • Primary Voltage: 220 V (also applies for the ultrasonic cleaning)
  • Operating pressure of the circulation: 3,5 bar
  • Total weight: approximately 200 kg (depending on the setup)
  • All parts are either made of stainless steel or sturdy plastic
  • The body is made of stainless steel, four lockable wheels allow moving.
  • A folding ramp on the rear end functions as an entry aid.
  • 60 l/min circulation pump for bath maintenance with water purification technology.

(That means: Additional circulation jets treat the bottom bracket area and the lower area of the bike frame. Muck that is tossed towards the frame from the front wheel are sprayed on with process water from the circulation pump by a rotating brush. This process also applies for an additional spraying of the rims after the ultrasonic cleaning is completed.)

cyb® bikewash patents

  • DesignPatent DM/078769 WIPO, „Washing machine for two-wheelers“
  • DE202011110421 U1 – „Device for cleaning of bicycles“
  • European Patent 2729331