Clean your bike – when and where?

Current locations: Munich, Berlin, Potsdam, Hanover, Meppen, Trier, Regensburg, Sonthofen hopefully soon at your region.


Pedalhelden • Marsstr. 11 • nearby the Central Station

Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 10–18 h
Sat 10–16 h

Phone: +49-89-5161191


Fahrradstation • HU Berlin • Dorotheenstr. 30

Wednesdays from 12-18:30 h
Berlin-Mitte, Dorotheenstr. 30
In the inner yard sponsored by cyb® tech UG Werner Frick service Berlin

Appointment recommended via telephone with Werner


Bikewash – Pedales Potsdam Central Station

Potsdam, Babelsberger Str.

winter season 2018 bike parkhouse central station please contact Werner Frick +49 30 9954-6006 to get a date

Stadt Potsdam